1. STANDARD SEISMIC SENSORS - PMD Scientific offers seismometers based on out proprietary electrochemical transducer technology that affords them many unique features; most importantly exceptional robustness and virtual no maintenance operation. In particular no mass locks are needed, and no mass centering required over the full operating temperature range. Two families are offered: broadband and medium period ('BB' and 'MP' models respectively). All instruments are available in field, borehole and ocean bottom configurations.

2. SPECIAL SEISMIC SENSORS - PMD scientists and engineers never shied away from new challenging projects.
- 1998: low noise borehole seismometer for a deep borehole in the Antarctic ice at -51C.
- 1993-2006: three generations of the first direct readout (as opposed to the differential method of measurement) rotational seismometers: the latest being the fully featured broad band RSB20.
- 2004-2006: two generations of unique isotropic underwater seismometers SP400U3 for the US Naval Oceanographic
- 2003-2006: two generations of seismometers Linear Supercollider Beam Focusing System capable of working in extremely strong magnetic fields up to 60,000 Gauss (6T) and very hard radiation, models LC500, LC501.

3. STANDARD SEISMIC RECORDERS - PMD offers two families of high resolution seismic recorders: the 24-bit very low power 6500 with up to 16 acquisition channels and the versatile economical 6102 with up to 32 acquisition channels (up to 48 on special orders). Both DAS6501 and DAS6102 recorders are very rugged, weatherized and equipped with very friendly user interface, including the 7" VGA LCD display. The DAS6502 is an ultra-low power (~600mW) lightweight recorder with configurable form-factor aimed at short and long-term autonomous ocean-floor deployment. The SD6503 Seismic Digitizer is an ultra-low power 24-bit instrument that can work with any sensor as a stand-alone device or as a built-in addition to any of the PMD seismometers.

4. STRONG MOTION SENSORS AND RECORDERS - PMD offers two models of miniature, rugged force-balanced accelerometers (FBA), a unique force-balanced rotational seismometer, and two models of high resolution strong motion recorders with external or built-in FBA.

5. ECONOMICAL RECORDERS FOR SEISMIC NETWORKS These instruments are simplified economical versions of the corresponding fully feature PMD recorders. In multi-station seismic network they offer significant savings.